I made this site to share my ideas for a simple, Framer Motion powered components. Although I made a tutorial with explaination for each component, I think that the most helpful thing is a full, finished code in one place, so you can analyze it by yourself.

After briefly trying another popular React animation libraries, I think Framer Motion is the most begginer-friendly option here. When an idea of a site with many, nicely animated components came to my mind I was also a very begginer in terms of Framer Motion. It wasn't ment to be a tutorial site, but after I noticed that there is still not many Framer Motion materials on the web, I thought - why not add some from myself?

Of course I'm not an expert by any means, but I learned a lot when creating this site and there's a pro tip from me about learning Framer Motion: tutorials might be good, but docs are great!